USA KLOSI OIL LIMITED Claus Oil Co., Ltd. is ARI oil service company. (Aramco Services Company) The wholly-owned subsidiary, headquartered in Texas, USA, is a professional oil lubricant company integrated with R & D and production. It is known for its development and development of all automotive and industrial lubricants. It is specialized in providing lubricants for the world's leading engine machinery manufacturers.
        Claus lubrication technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. is a large modern enterprise specializing in the research and development of lubricating oil technology, the international trade of basic oil, the production and sale of lubricating oil, the creation and service of the automobile market platform. The company is located in the Guangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone of the national economic development zone. Many of the world's top five hundred enterprises are investing in it. Claus lubrication technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. covers an area of more than 10 thousand square meters. It has an independent research and development center of product inspection, 18 storage tanks with large size and 3300 cubic meters in total capacity. The annual capacity of oil is about 20 thousand tons.
        Claus lubrication technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. has the leading high precision automation production line and in...


Four reasons to choose Klaus

Krauss lubricants four core advantages!
  • 01 Quality assurance

    Aramco Services Company was founded in 1933. Krauss oil co., ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of American krauss oil co., LTD. Krauss lubrication technology (guangzhou) co., ltd. is one of the lubricant brands authorized by American krauss co., LTD.

  • 02 Imported raw materials

    Krauss lubrication technology (guangzhou) co., ltd. is not only a lubricant manufacturer, but also an outstanding player in the basic oil trade industry. The main partners of basic oil are Taiwan Formosa plastics group, GS of South Korea, SK of South Korea, mobil PAO, shell GTL and other well-known international brands. In addition, major suppliers include major international additive companies such as lubrizol of the United States, japuton of the United States, chevron of the United States and renying of the United States.

  • 03 Leading technology

    The steam engine oil adopts the original "ester fluid synthesis technology, molybdenum fluid synthesis technology, clean power dispersion technology" specially designed for modern advanced engine, which can comprehensively improve operation performance, have strong anti-wear ability, excellent performance of lubricating oil, stable oil pressure, effectively control the formation of oil sludge and carbon accumulation, and extend the service life of the engine.

  • 04 certification

    Krauss lubrication technology (guangzhou) co., LTD has obtained API certification of American petroleum institute, environmental management system certification and TS16949 quality management system certification, which is in line with the specifications of Benz, BMW, audi, lexus, infiniti, Honda, Toyota, ford, hyundai and other automobile manufacturers.